Derbyshire Mammal Group is affiliated to The Mammal Society (registered charity number 278918)


To promote the study and conservation of the mammals of Derbyshire and their habitats by:

Developing recording, monitoring and research initiatives

Providing information and advice

Providing a forum for those interested in mammals in Derbyshire

Raising awareness of Derbyshire's mammals, their ecology and conservation needs

Working in partnership with other relevant organisations


Membership is open to anyone who shares the aims of the group, on payment of the annual subscription as agreed at the AGM

Members are expected to follow all statutory requirements in respect of mammals, and the Countryside Code, when engaged in any DMG activity.


A Committee will be responsible for the running of the group and for overseeing the group's finances

A Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected, initially by the Committee, thereafter at the AGM. Further named posts may be elected at the discretion of the Committee

Committee meetings will be held as and when required, with decisions made by majority vote. Sub-committees may be formed as required.

An AGM will be held to elect a treasurer and other honorary officers and approve the annual accounts

Notes will be kept of all committee and sub-committee meetings and made available to members on request

The constitution may be amended by a majority of votes at the AGM

The committee will be elected at the AGM and may co-opt members during the year


All funds raised by or on behalf of DMG will be used only to further the aims and objectives of the group

A bank account will be maintained by the treasurer, who will be subject to re-election at the AGM

The group will authorise three members of the committee, including the treasurer, to sign cheques on behalf of the group

All cheques must be signed by at least two of the three authorised signatories

Annual accounts will be prepared and made available for inspection

In the event of the dissolution of the group, any financial or other assets will pass to the Mammal Society