Cookies on this website

What on earth is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files stored by web sites on your computer. Most web sites use them in one way or another. If you have ordered items online, shopping carts rely on cookies to function properly.

Why is this web site using them?

To make it easier for you to send in records online. If you allow it to, the record form on this web site uses a cookie to save retyping your details each time you use it. Next time you return to enter a record, the details are read from the cookie and appear on the form.

You can choose not to take advantage of this and a cookie will not be stored on your computer. You will have to fill in your details every time you send in a record, though.

How long does it stay on my computer?

Our cookie will expire after 31 days. You can, of course, delete cookies on your computer at any time as well as restricting their use.

What exactly is stored in this cookie?

Whatever you enter in the 'observer's details' will be stored, along with the expiry date of the cookie, its name (demoform), the web site that it came from ( and "#toggleboxid:on". This last item is there to indicate the 'remember my details?' box has been ticked.

Are any other cookies used on this web site?

A cookie is used to transfer a mammal species selected for submitting as a record from our mammal identification pages to the record form. So if you sent in a record of a bank vole from its identification page, the name 'bank vole' would appear on the record form.

This cookie is a session cookie, meaning it expires as soon as your browser has closed. Its name is 'spname' and just contains a mammal species eg bank vole.

What about third party or advertising cookies?

No third party or advertising cookies are used anywhere on this website. No other types of cookie, apart from those mentioned above, are used. We do not monitor user's surfing habits and/or profile them for marketing purposes. We do not use Flash cookies.

More information

More information about cookies, including how they can be used and how to set your web browser to allow or restrict their use is available here.

If anyone is interested, the (free) software used to remember form values is available here