Small Mammal Trapping

Small mammal live-trapping surveys are planned through Spring and Summer. Numbers are limited, so prior booking essential. To join us , either to assist or gain experience, please contact Jo Bissell.

2017 small mammal trapping sessions took us from farms near Matlock to parks in Derby city, with mammals that we would expect, but with surprises like a water shrew at Sinfin Moor park, a good catch of pygmy shrews (15 individuals), but best of all was at Meaden Bridge, Bakewell where we caught 7 Water Shrews in one weekend. This is more than we would normally see in a whole year.

Bank Vole

These are frequently encountered, especially in woodlands, near hedgerows and amongst scrub and bramble.

Wood Mouse

Another small mammal often found when trapping in woodlands and grasslands. Mostly nocturnal.

Of course, anything small could end up investigating the Longworth trap. Slugs are not uncommon visitors, especially in traps left out on a damp night.