The Derbyshire Harvest Mouse Survey

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust carried out a Harvest Mouse Survey a few years ago to generate more records in under-recorded areas. (Records of harvest mice were very good for the north-eastern part of Derbyshire where the Sorby Mammal Group had carried out their Harvest Mice flying squad surveys).

Harvest Mouse nest

Elsewhere they were more scattered. The survey involved searching for nests. DMG still has at least one event during the winter months searching for nests in such places as The Avenue Washlands (jointly with DWT) If you have records of harvest mice sightings, or cat kills in Derbyshire, you can send them to Derbyshire Mammal Group, or you can record them via iRecord.

More about the harvest mouse distribution in Derbyshire.

Harvest Mouse Survey Volunteer Handbook

The handbook gives lots of useful information about Harvest mouse ecology and habitat. Please note,however, that due to the age of this document, addresses, weblinks and email addresses will be mostly out of date.

Harvest Mouse Survey Handbook

Harvest Mouse nest photo: Anna Evans