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Please use this form to send in records of mammal sightings or signs in Derbyshire.

Fill in as many details as you can, including at least your name and an email address.

If you are not familiar with grid references, you can include an accurate location of the mammal sign/sighting in the comments box. If it was in or near your house/garden then the postcode is fine.

When you have finished entering details, press the submit button towards the bottom of the page. This will forward the record to us.

To make sending in multiple records much easier, you can choose to let the form remember your name and contact details. It will do this by storing a small text file, known as a cookie, on your computer. Read more about cookies here.

Please note that pressing the 'reset' button at the bottom of the form will delete the stored cookie from your computer, as well as clearing the form.

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