Mammal Identification

Bank Vole Myodes glareolus

Identification features

Photo: Derek Whiteley

  • Small sized mammal
  • Blunt muzzle
  • Small inconspicuous ears
  • Fur is a rich dark brown all over the body
  • Tail is approximately 50% of the length of the body and head length. It is dark on top and pale below.
  • Body fur colour is reddish brown on the back and a creamy-grey underneath

Bank voles are herbivores and are associated with woodland, scrub habitats. They can be recorded during small mammal trapping surveys.

Other identification clues:

Feeding remains

Photo: Derek Whiteley

Bank voles have a distinctive way of eating hazelnuts. They leave a clean hole without gnaw marks on the outer edge of the hole. The circular hole has a chiselled edge.

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