Mammal Identification

Grey Squirrel Scirius carolinensis

Identification features

photo of rabbit

  • Small mammal which stands on its back feet when eating
  • Long bushy tail which is about half as thick as body width
  • Body fur is grey which is white/creamy underneath
  • Fast running mammal which scurries on the ground and in and between trees

Grey squirrels are rodents and eat nuts and fruit. They are common in urban and semi-urban habitats such as gardens, parks, and woodlands.

Other identification clues


Grey squirrels make their nests (dreys) in the crooks of tree branches. Dreys are built against the trunk in an angle and are made of leaves and dead twigs (Rooks and magpies use dead leaves but not leaves)

Feeding remains

Grey squirrels split hazelnuts and acorns and leave rough often jagged edges. Pine cones are stripped leaving the top sections untouched.

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