Mammal Identification

Stoat Mustela erminea

Identification features

photo of polecat

  • Small mammal with a 'sausage-shaped' body with short legs
  • Brown/ginger coloured fur on the body with a white/cream coloured underside
  • The demarcation between the brown/ginger and the white/cream is a straight line
  • The tail has black tip
  • Some can be white coloured in winter on moorland habitats

Stoats are carnivores and can take prey much larger than themselves, such as rabbits. They can be found in almost any habitat where there is sufficient food.

Other identification clues


Photo :Debbie Court

In common with most other carnivores, stoat droppings are narrow with twisty ends. They smell musty and are blackish-brown. They are longer and thicker (40-80mm long and 5mm thick) than weasel droppings.

Status in Derbyshire information