Mammal Identification

Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus

Identification features

photo of rabbit

  • Small sized mammal
  • Blunt muzzle
  • Small incospicuous ears
  • Fur is a greyish-brown on the back and grey underneath
  • Tail is all one colour and is approximately 30% of the length of the body and head length.

Rabbits are herbivores eating grass, root vegetables and crops. They can be found in the wider countryside anywhere they can burrow, especially adjacent to food sources. They are normally nocturnal but will come out in daylight if they are disturbed or on long summer days.

Other identification clues


Rabbits make their burrows in most substrates so long as there is deep enough soil levels. Burrows often have very short grass near them where the rabbits have grazed the grass. They often have rabbit droppings (see below) near them or in the entrance.


Being herbivores, rabbits produce lots of droppings. They are yellow-brown or green in colour and are small and round almost perfectly sphere shaped about 10mm in diameter. They are often found in piles occasionally singularly. They smell sweet.

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