Mammal Identification

Fallow Deer Dama dama

Identification features

Fallow deer: Mick Hoult

  • Large mammal with longs legs (standing at 1 metre excluding the antlers)
  • Males have large broad and flattened shaped antlers
  • Conspicuous ears
  • Fur colour can be variable in summer it is typically reddish fawn with white spots.
  • Tail is longer then other deer and black in colour
  • Rump is a white/creamy colour and a black line between the rump and body fur. This with the tail forms a Macdonalds 'M' shape
Fallow deer rump. Steve Docker

Fallow deer have been recorded in Derbyshire in distinct herds in parks as well as in the wider countryside.


During the rut (September to November) the pig-like grunts of the males can be heard. The noise is not as loud as that of the red deer.

Skulls and antlers

Fallow deer skull and antlers. Photo:Debbie Court

Fallow deer antlers: Photo-Debbie Court

Males lose their antlers after the rut and these sometimes can be found lying on the ground. They are broad and flattened in shape.


Fallow deer droppings are black in colour when fresh and have a cylindrical shape with a point at one end and a dimple at the other.

Status in Derbyshire information

Photos: Mick Hoult, Debbie Alston, Steve Docker