Mammal Status

WOOD MOUSE  Apodemus sylvaticus
STATUS : Widespread and common.

photograph of a wood mouse

Widespread and common, occurring in woodland, scrub, hedgerows, gardens and other habitats that offer cover. Generally less common in moorland habitats but they have been seen hopping over snow-covered moorland at 440m and reported feeding on crumbs at over 500m. Wood mice frequently enter houses, where they may be mistaken for house mice. Numbers are apparently stable. Almost always caught when small mammal trapping and a frequent constituent of owl pellets. Willingly occupy dormouse nestboxes. Wood mouse nests consist of a rather loose jumble of leaves and grass, whereas dormouse nests are a neat ball woven from honeysuckle bark or grass, and usually have an outer layer of hazel or other leaves.

Species identification information

Photo: Derek Whiteley